AI-powered Social Media Planner

Plan & schedule weeks of social media posts in seconds

Efficiently create and schedule bulk multimedia content tailored for specific objectives or key events like product launches. This tool ensures a vibrant online presence, with every post strategically timed for optimal engagement.

Executable AI Campaign Planning
Beyond brainstorming—get a ready-to-launch campaign plan that meets technical specs and market standards.
Adaptive Personalization
Adapt branding from your website, refine with more materials. Our AI continuously sharpens messages for maximum impact.
Multimedia Activity Creation
Craft and schedule a mix of content, from videos to interactive posts, designed to capture attention and drive engagement.

Turn company updates into winner marketing moments

Maximize visibility for your key company events. The Evercopy AI Social Media Planner allows you to develop detailed social media plans covering all phases—before, during, and after an event—to engage your largest possible audience.
  • Activate all channels with diverse multimedia formats
  • Cover all event phases, from pre-launch to reconversion
  • Plan timing, keywords and all relevant details for maximum delivery

Achieve your company goals with focused social media planning

Set up and execute campaigns designed around your key objectives—whether you’re aiming to increase engagement, drive traffic, or elevate brand awareness. Each feature is crafted to put your goals within reach.
  • Design posts that directly address your objectives
  • Consistently address your target audience with the right messaging
  • Adapt strategies based on actionable feedback for optimal performance

See how Evercopy AI plans social media campaigns in few steps


Create your brand profile

Start by providing your website URL; our AI scans and compiles all essential brand info automatically. Optionally, upload additional materials like product decks, regulatory documents, and brand guidelines to enrich your profile.

Share Your Campaign Brief

Outline your campaign’s purpose. Whether it’s driven by specific objectives or focused on company updates, provide key details such as the main points to emphasize, the timeline, and target URLs to shape the campaign direction.


Engage with AI Assistance

Refine your campaign details such as target audience and ideal channels with the help of Evercopy AI. Opt for direct assistance or delegate completely to our AI to streamline your planning process.

Review and Edit on Calendar

Check and adjust the planned campaigns and activities directly on your calendar. With Evercopy, you have the option to create and schedule all content, ensuring a consistent and timely online presence.


Get more done with AI-powered marketing suite

Plan and execute social media campaigns like a pro with AI as your assistant. Evercopy AI marketing suite helps you to hit your social media KPIs.

AI Background Remover

Clean up logo & product backgrounds

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AI Text to Speech Generator

Convert text into speech in any language

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AI Creative Ad Generator

Create scroll-stopping guerilla ads

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AI Product Photoshoot Generator

Sell more with studio-quality shoots

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AI Banner Generator

Banners for socials and paid ads that convert

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AI Ad Copy Generator

Generate targeted ad copy at scale

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Access all AI models in one place

Utilize leading AI models including OpenAI, Google’s Gemini, Meta’s LLaMA, Stability AI, and Evercopy AI — a custom model tailored for marketing performance. Leverage the best of each model to refine and excel in your marketing strategies.

Put your plan into action with AI

Employ AI as your social media manager to flawlessly execute your marketing strategy across all channels. It ensures optimal posting times and capitalizes on high-engagement opportunities, including special events.

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