AI-powered Marketing Manager

Keep your channels active and performing with AI in control

Set yourself free from daily marketing tasks by using AI to create and schedule personalized content across your channels; making sure you are always active and working to hit your marketing KPIs.

Free up your time
Delegate daily operations to AI, allowing you to focus on more important tasks and make better use of your time.
Eliminate the guesswork
Know the best times to share, the right audience to target, and the ideal message to use with AI’s data-driven insights.
Achieve your goals
Whether it's boosting awareness or website traffic, AI orchestrates all channels with unified messaging to ensure success.

See how Evercopy AI can take over marketing efforts

Quickly adapt branding from your website

Share your website URL with Evercopy AI to quickly adapt your branding by extracting your logo, fonts, colors, brand summary, product info, and user groups. Perfect for quick personalization using public information.

Train your custom AI with ease

Upload your company documents to Evercopy to train a custom AI that truly reflects your branding while keeping your data private. Include case studies, company decks, regulation docs, past content, and more!

Feed your contents with insights

Upload a reference document for campaigns or content requiring deep knowledge about a specific topic or event. Evercopy AI scans for key insights and ensures they are accurately reflected.

AI Ad Copy Generator

Generate personalized ad copy that help you sell more.

AI Banner Generator

Generate custom banners at scale without the design hassle.

AI Creative Ad Generator

Instantly grab user attention with scroll-stopping creative ads.​

AI Product Photo Generator

Transform amateur product photos into studio-quality visuals to boost sales.

AI Video Ad Generator

Create social media videos, product teasers, explainer videos and more.

AI Graphic Generator

Create custom graphics for marketing campaigns and brand channels.

Automate posting with AI co-pilot

Connect your channels to enable AI-managed auto-posting for your marketing accounts. Alternatively, you can choose to download content and post manually.
  • Tailor activities to your branding and objectives
  • Share a unified message across channels
  • Connect your channels for auto-scheduling
Improve with AI insights

Evercopy AI provides actionable recommendations based on content performance, competitor benchmarking, and market trends. Simply review and apply the ones you prefer!

Coming Soon
Know what can work better

Identify high-engagement content before posting. Evercopy AI continuously performs A/B testing across various industries, themes, and objectives, scoring each ad with AI performance predictions.

Coming Soon
Get marketing reports from AI

Regularly receive updates on AI activities and performance in your inbox. See what’s working, get next steps, and easily fine-tune your actions with AI-recommended marketing strategies.

Coming Soon

A custom AI designed for marketing performance

Meet the intelligence behind it all—a custom AI for marketing designed as a multi-step agent to plan, run, and optimize brand communication extensively while adhering to your brand specifications and objectives.
Using Evercopy for paid ad planning drastically cut setup and maintenance time, boosting ROI by 231% within the first month, making it our preferred tool.
Baris Korkmaz
Founder & CEO @Grower

It takes minutes to activate all your channels with AI.

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