AI Marketing Campaign Samples

Event & Webinar Promotion

Drive higher event attendance and engagement for your upcoming company event and webinar by launching a fully automated campaign using AI.

Step 1
Start a new campaign

To get started, select “Event-Based Campaign.” This choice is perfect for rolling out a series of targeted promotions for your upcoming event or webinar. It’s all about making sure the right people hear about your event at the right time, with messages crafted just for them.

Let’s go ahead and pick "Event-Based Campaign” and get your event the spotlight it deserves!

Step 2
Choose event type

Getting ready to host a webinar? Start by picking “Hosting Learning Sessions.” This choice is ideal for promoting educational events that engage and inform your audience.

Just select “Hosting Learning Sessions” and let’s get your webinar on the road to success!

Step 3
Describe your upcoming event details

Here’s where you make your webinar stand out. Simply fill in the details to tailor your campaign:

Event Name: This is for internal usage for you to track campaign on your dashboard.
What’s your event about?: Briefly describe the focus of your webinar, what attendees will learn, and why it’s a must-attend.
Key Message: Summarize the main takeaway or unique selling point of your webinar.
Things to Highlight: Note any special topics, guest speakers, or interactive elements that will engage attendees.
Timeline: Set the start date and duration of your promotional campaign leading up to the webinar.

Think of this step as setting the stage for how you want your event to be perceived and experienced.

Step 4
Select channels to activate

Choose the platforms where you want to promote your webinar. Evercopy AI will suggest the best channels, both paid and organic, based on your industry and the specifics of your campaign. Simply check the boxes next to the channels that align with your strategy, whether it’s social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn, or paid options like Google and Meta Ads.

This step helps you tailor your reach effectively, ensuring that your webinar connects with the right audience across the most effective channels.

Step 5
Review campaigns

Take a moment to look over the proposed campaign schedule for your event. This timeline includes activities designed to maximize impact during the pre-event, during-event, and post-event phases. Each task is mapped out with start times and durations to help you visualize the full lifecycle of your campaign.

Ensure each activity aligns with your goals and adjust where necessary. This overview helps you stay organized and ensures that every phase of your event is covered, from initial awareness to final engagement and follow-up.

Step 6
Dive into your activity plan

Here’s your chance to review every planned activity for your campaign. From paid Google and Meta ads to engaging quizzes and strategic posts on key dates, each task is listed to make sure you cover all bases. This calendar view lets you see what’s happening each day, ensuring your product launch shines every step of the way.

Go ahead and check the details, tweak them if needed, and get excited about bringing your campaign to life! It’s all set to make your product launch the talk of the town.

Step 7
Review and edit multimedia contents

Check over the multimedia content created by the AI. Make sure that each item, from tweets to blog posts, truly reflects your brand and communicates your message clearly. Adjust text, update images, and refine details to ensure everything is ready for your audience.

This is your opportunity to ensure the content does exactly what you need it to do!

Step 8
Start promoting your event 🎉

Your marketing calendar is set and ready to go. From here, you can manage all scheduled activities, fine-tune any details, or add new initiatives to boost your event’s visibility. Make sure to connect your channels if you want Evercopy to handle the postings directly.

Now, it’s time to bring your event into the spotlight. Go ahead and activate your campaigns, and watch as your event attracts the attention it deserves!

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