AI Marketing Campaign Samples

Awareness Campaign

Instantly boost visibility of your brand or cause by leveraging AI to launch a multi-channel marketing campaign in a few clicks.

Step 1
Start a new campaign

Start by selecting the campaign type you want Evercopy to work on. It could be an event-based campaign, where you launch a sequence of campaigns around a company milestone, or an objective-based campaign, where you focus on achieving a company goal with tailored messaging.

For this one, we're selecting "Solo Campaign".

Step 2
Choose campaign objective

Do you want to get more traffic? Boost engagement? Promote an app?

Select your campaign objective.

For this one, we're selecting "Awareness".

Step 3
Outline your awareness campaign

Provide details about your brand awareness campaign like its objectives, timeline, and key highlights. Awareness campaign could be about boosting visibility for your brand or a good cause such as health condition.

Think of this as a brief consultation with a marketing expert, focusing on maximizing visibility and engagement for your cause or brand.

Step 4
Select channels to activate

Tailor your awareness campaign’s reach by selecting the most effective channels, both paid and organic. Evercopy AI will guide you to the best platforms suited to your industry and campaign goals, ensuring maximum impact.

Step 5
Review activities for the awareness campaign

Review a comprehensive list of all planned activities under each campaign, including the timing of paid and organic posts and special day highlights; all designed to make your upcoming product launch more visible.

Step 7
Review multimedia contents

Within minutes, Evercopy AI prepares all your campaign activities, complete with multimedia content, tailored to reflect your brand’s identity.

Step 8
Launch 🎉

All activities are scheduled on your marketing calendar. You can edit, delete, or add new activities as needed. Connect your channels if you want Evercopy to do the posting!

Now, it's your turn!

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