AI-powered Marketing Campaign Planner

Reduce marketing planning time from hours to minutes using AI

Design integrated marketing campaigns for both paid and organic channels, ready to launch with just a few clicks. Evercopy AI streamlines the campaign planning process, offering smart AI insights for effective high-performing campaigns.

Plan campaigns with confidence
Launch high-performing campaigns without any marketing experience with AI marketing assistant on your side with data-driven recommendations.
Effortlessly apply your branding
Share your website for Evercopy AI to swiftly adapt your brand's visual and contextual identity. Upload more details for further personalization.
Launch your strategy with AI
Beyond brainstorming—get a ready-to-launch campaign plan that meets technical specs and market standards.

Turn company updates into winner marketing moments

Maximize visibility for your key company events. The Evercopy AI Marketing Campaign Planner allows you to build a sequence of campaigns for before, during, and after an event — to engage your largest possible audience in both paid and organic channels.
  • Activate paid and organic channels with diverse multimedia formats
  • Cover all event phases, from pre-launch to reconversion
  • Plan timing, keywords and all relevant details for maximum delivery

Achieve your company goals with focused omni-channel campaign planning

Set up and execute campaigns designed around your key objectives—whether you’re aiming to increase engagement, drive traffic, or elevate brand awareness. Each feature is crafted to put your goals within reach.
  • Design posts that directly address your objectives
  • Consistently address your target audience with the right messaging
  • Adapt strategies based on actionable feedback for optimal performance

See how Evercopy AI plans multi-channel campaigns in a few clicks

Step 1
Create your brand profile

Begin by entering your website URL; our AI will scan and automatically gather all crucial brand elements, setting a strong foundation for your campaign. For a more detailed profile, you can also upload key documents such as product descriptions, regulatory compliance information, and branding guidelines.

Step 2
Share Your Campaign Brief

Clearly articulate the goals and structure of your campaign. Whether you’re aiming to enhance brand awareness or drive specific business results, input your objectives, key focus areas, and essential timelines. This information will guide the AI in crafting a strategy that aligns perfectly with your business needs.

Step 3
Engage with AI Assistance

Harness AI to meticulously shape your campaign details. Evercopy AI assists in defining ideal budgets, allocating funds across paid channels, selecting target audiences, and determining optimal sharing times.

Benefit from continuous AI guidance throughout your campaign planning, ensuring every decision is data-driven and strategically sound.

Step 4
Review and Edit on Calendar

Review and refine your marketing campaigns directly from an integrated calendar view. Evercopy allows for dynamic scheduling and real-time adjustments, ensuring each campaign is aligned with your marketing goals. Plan your content release and promotional activities efficiently, maintaining a consistent and impactful online presence.

Now, it's your turn!

Join over 4,000+ startups already growing with Evercopy.

Plan successful campaigns using the leading AI models

Utilize leading AI models including OpenAI, Google’s Gemini, Meta’s LLaMA, Stability AI, and Evercopy AI — a custom model tailored for marketing performance. Leverage the best of each model to refine and excel in your marketing strategies.
  • Use native AI models launched by specific platforms to enhance campaign precision.
  • Effortlessly arrange diverse media types for comprehensive campaigns.
  • Test and select AI models to best match your campaign goals.

Put your marketing strategy into action with AI marketing manager

Employ AI as your marketing manager to seamlessly launch your marketing strategy across all channels. It ensures optimal posting times and capitalizes on high-engagement opportunities, including special events.

Plan campaigns like pro without the expertise using Evercopy AI

Meet your marketing super assistant: Evercopy AI. Effortlessly set up high-performing multi-channel campaigns regardless of experience. Trained on thousands of campaigns from diverse industries and regions, Evercopy AI distills collective marketing intelligence into custom strategies tailored to meet your goals.

Integrated directly into your planning process, you will find Evercopy AI proactively suggesting optimal budgets, allocations, ideal audiences and more to maximize your campaign success!

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