AI Marketing Campaign Samples

Lead Generation Campaign

Launch a multi-channel lead generation campaign using AI to plan, run, and optimize targeted ads. Generate qualified leads with personalized multimedia content, ready to activate in minutes.

Step 1
Start a new campaign

To begin, select the type of campaign you want Evercopy to manage. For lead generation, choose an objective-based campaign that focuses on attracting qualified leads through targeted ads and personalized content.

For this purpose, we’re selecting “Solo Campaign.” This will enable us to create a streamlined, focused lead generation campaign.

Step 2
Choose campaign objective

What do you want to achieve with your campaign? Increase traffic, boost engagement, or generate leads?

For a lead generation campaign, select “Lead Generation.” This objective is designed to collect contact information from potential customers for future outreach.

Let’s go ahead and choose “Lead Generation” to start gathering qualified leads.

Step 3
Outline your lead generation campaign

Provide details about your lead generation campaign, such as its objectives, timeline, and key highlights. This campaign focuses on attracting and collecting contact information from potential customers.

Event Name: Give your campaign a clear and descriptive name. • What’s your event about?: Describe the focus of your campaign and what you aim to achieve.
Main Objectives: Select the key goals for your lead generation campaign.
Things to Highlight: Note any special features or offers that will attract potential leads.
Start Date: Set the start date and duration for your campaign.

Think of this step as planning a strategy session with a marketing expert, focusing on maximizing lead capture and engagement.

Step 4
Select channels to activate

Choose the most effective channels for your lead generation campaign. Evercopy AI will suggest the best platforms for your industry and goals, whether they are paid or organic. Select the channels that align with your strategy to ensure maximum impact.

Check the boxes for the platforms you want to use, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Ads, and Meta Ads, and continue to the next step.

Step 5
Review activities for the lead generation campaign

Examine the complete list of planned activities for your lead generation campaign. This includes the timing of both paid and organic posts, as well as special day highlights.

Ensure all activities are aligned with your goals and make any necessary adjustments. This detailed review helps to maximize visibility and effectiveness, ensuring your lead generation efforts are on track.

Step 7
Review multimedia contents

Evercopy AI has prepared your campaign’s multimedia content. Review each piece to ensure it accurately reflects your brand and communicates your message effectively.

Make any necessary adjustments to text, images, or design elements to ensure everything aligns perfectly with your goals and brand identity. This step ensures that your content is ready to engage and convert your audience.

Step 8
Launch your lead generation campaign with AI 🎉

Your marketing calendar is now set. All activities are scheduled and ready to go. You can edit, delete, or add new activities as needed. Connect your channels if you want Evercopy to handle the postings directly.

It’s time to launch your lead generation campaign. Activate your campaigns and watch as they attract and convert qualified leads!

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