Evercopy Marketing AI For Enterprises

Keep your data secure with marketing AI super assistant

Activate AI across your marketing workflow with enterprise-grade security and privacy. Deploy a growth engine tailored to respect your brand boundaries.

  • Private training on-demand with access only to you
  • You own and control your data
  • You decide who has access
Operate more efficiently
Minimize coordination and meetings by streamlining marketing operations with AI.
Empower employees
Help your marketing team move with speed & accuracy with an AI assistant.
Boost user experience
Personalize brand communication across channels to delight your users.
Grow faster
Hit marketing KPIs by effectively leveraging data and AI insights.
Case study

Novartis Launches a fully AI Driven Campaign, Boosting Website Traffic by 177%

Novartis Turkey, a pharmaceutical leader, successfully integrated AI into its marketing pipeline by training a custom AI for error-free regulatory compliance and privacy. This integration accelerated approval times and significantly enhanced visibility, traffic, and conversions starting from the first month.

Regulatory compliance and privacy
Accelerated approval times
Improved traffic and conversions

Increase in website traffic


Unique Campaign Clicks

Leverage leading AI models for flexible implementation

Evercopy aggregates leading AI models, offering users the flexibility to experiment, compare, and leverage the best-performing model.
  • Continuously test and select optimal AI models
  • Extensively apply AI to manage all marketing activities and channels

Keep your data private & secure

Maintain full control over your data while accessing personalized and secure AI-powered marketing tools. With enterprise-grade security measures including SOC 2 Type 2 compliance and SAML SSO, along with no training on your actual data, Evercopy offers the flexibility of private, custom training sessions.

Hyper-personalize contents with precision

ChatGPT may forget brand specifications, Evercopy does not. Make sure that every piece of multimedia content, from ads to social posts, strictly adheres to your brand guidelines, regulatory requirements, or industry standards right from the onboarding process.
  • Keep contents consistent across channels
  • Minimize content approval times

Discover why Evercopy AI is preferred in enterprise marketing

Power up your pipeline with integrated AI tools

Integrate AI across all marketing stages, from planning through execution to optimization.

Generate multimedia contents

Generate ad copy, banners, creative ads, and soon, video and GIFs.

Train your custom AI with ease

Train your custom AI simply by uploading company materials.

Keep a consistent voice

Upload past content for AI to adapt and maintain existing quality standards.

Use commercially safe outputs

Never hesitate using other IPs as we screen for visual and contextual resemblances to mitigate risks.

Easily activate all your channels

Effortlessly integrate AI across your paid and organic marketing channels.

Get more done with AI-powered marketing suite

AI Background Remover

Clean up logo & product backgrounds

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AI Social Media Planner

Launch weeks of social media posts in minutes

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AI Ad Copy Generator

Generate ad copy that helps you sell more

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AI Banner Generator

Banners for socials and paid ads that convert

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AI Text to Speech Generator

Convert text to speech in any language

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AI Product Photoshoot Generator

Sell more with studio-quality shoots

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