AI Marketing Campaign Samples

Fundraising Celebration

Spread your fundraising message by leveraging AI to launch a multi-channel campaign for maximum reach out and engagement.

Step 1
Start a new campaign

Choose the “Event-Based Campaign” to announce your fundraising success through a series of targeted promotions. This approach ensures that your message reaches the right audience at the optimal times with tailored messaging.

Let’s select “Event-Based Campaign” to give your fundraising achievement the recognition it deserves!

Step 2
Select your event type: Raised Funding!

Preparing to announce your successful fundraising? Select “Raised Funding” to effectively communicate this milestone. This option is tailored for campaigns that aim to celebrate your fundraising achievements, ensuring your supporters are engaged and informed about how their contributions are making an impact.

Click on “Raised Funding” and let’s craft a compelling narrative to highlight the success of your fundraising efforts.

Step 3
Describe your fundraising details

This step is about defining the specifics of your fundraising campaign:

Event Name: Choose a name that will be used internally to track your campaign on the dashboard.
What’s your event about?: Provide a brief description of your fundraising event, outlining what it accomplished and its impact.
Key Message: Highlight the main achievement or the unique aspect of your fundraising that you want to emphasize.
Things to Highlight: Note any significant milestones, major investors, or special outcomes that deserve special mention.
Timeline: Set the start date and duration of your promotional activities to share the success of your fundraising.

Fill in these details to shape how your event will be communicated and experienced by your audience.

Step 4
Select channels to activate for your fundraising announcement

Choose the platforms where you want to share the news of your successful fundraising. Evercopy AI will recommend the best channels, both paid and organic, tailored to the specifics of your fundraising campaign. Simply select the appropriate boxes for platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn for organic reach, or Google and Meta Ads for paid promotions.

This step is crucial to ensure that your fundraising announcement reaches the right audience effectively, utilizing the most impactful channels.

Step 5
Review campaigns

Check the proposed schedule for your fundraising campaign. This timeline includes activities planned for the pre-announcement, during the announcement, and post-announcement phases. Each task is listed with start times and durations to give you a clear view of the campaign’s lifecycle.

Make sure each activity aligns with your goals and adjust if needed. This overview keeps you organized and ensures your fundraising announcement is comprehensive, from initial buzz to final follow-up.

Step 6
Dive into your activity plan

Here’s where you refine every detail of your fundraising campaign. From paid Google and Meta ads to interactive posts and key updates, this calendar view shows all scheduled activities.

Check each task to ensure everything aligns with your goals. Adjust as needed to make sure your campaign runs smoothly and effectively. This thorough review ensures your fundraising announcement gets the attention it deserves.

Step 7
Review and edit multimedia contents for fundraising campaigns

Go through the multimedia content generated by the AI. Ensure that each piece, from tweets to blog posts, accurately reflects your brand and clearly communicates your fundraising success. Adjust text, update images, and refine details to ensure everything is perfect for your audience.

This step is crucial to make sure your content delivers the intended message effectively.

Step 8
Start promoting your fundraising news 🎉

Your marketing calendar is ready. From here, you can manage all activities, tweak details, or add new initiatives to enhance visibility. Connect your channels if you want Evercopy to handle the postings directly.

Now, bring your fundraising into the spotlight. Activate your campaigns and watch as your fundraising announcement attracts the attention it deserves!

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