AI-powered Paid Ad Manager

Launch high-ROI paid campaigns with no expertise

Simplify campaign planning, targeting, and optimization with AI guidance on budgeting, creative choices, and more, ensuring high ROI even without prior advertising experience.

End-to-end Paid Ad Management
Leverage AI to plan, run and optimize campaigns on auto-pilot.
Setup In 2 Minutes
Quickly configure your campaign settings with AI assistant.
No Expertise Required
Launch successful campaigns with no prior ad experience.

Support upcoming company milestones with a successful paid campaign

Maximize visibility and engagement for your upcoming company events with tailored paid campaigns. Evercopy ensures your ads are perfectly timed and designed to amplify your event’s reach.
  • Precision targeting for event audiences
  • Schedule campaigns to peak just as your event approaches

Drive KPIs with strategic ad campaigns

Without needing in-depth marketing expertise, leverage AI-driven insights to create campaigns to help you achieve your goals.
  • Ads crafted to directly support your business goals
  • Utilize AI for optimal budget allocation and audience targeting
  • Achieve significant outcomes even without a dedicated marketing team

Tailor campaign details and creatives to fit your brand

Personalize your ad campaigns to reflect your brand’s unique identity. Start with basic website details or enhance personalization by uploading additional documents such as past ad archives or technical specifications.

Setup your campaign details with AI marketing assistant

Navigate ad and campaign setup effortlessly with Evercopy AI’s assistance, even if you’re new to advertising. Benefit from AI-driven recommendations for budgeting, targeting, and creative strategies to maximize ROI.
  • AI-powered budget recommendation and allocation
  • AI audience specification
  • AI-generated ad creatives

Create multimedia ad creatives with AI

Evercopy utilizes multiple AI models, including our own Evercopy AI, to create personalized multimedia marketing materials. From ad copies to banners and creative ads, everything is customized to support your campaign strategy and achieve your goals.

Publish ads directly across major ad networks

Directly publish your AI-planned strategies to major networks like Google and Meta. Optionally, connect your channels for streamlined management and deployment of campaigns across platforms.
    Using Evercopy for paid ad planning drastically cut setup and maintenance time, boosting ROI by 231% within the first month, making it our preferred tool.
    Baris Korkmaz
    Founder & CEO @Grower

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    AI Product Photoshoot Generator

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