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For Marketing Agencies

Serve More Clients with Noticeably Better Results

Unlock AI marketing capabilities both for your team and clients. Deliver standout results to a growing client list—without stretching your resources thin.

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10x Work in 10x Less Time
Plan a month-long campaign in under two minutes. Save time, deliver precision, and win client acclaim.
Elevate Content Impact by 60%
Boost content engagement by up to 60% with AI-driven optimization. Deliver constantly better ROI to your clients.
Enhance Client Retention by 40%
Personalized, AI-crafted campaigns drive a 40% uptick in client retention, solidifying your agency’s value.
Key Features For Marketing Agencies
5 weeks campaign planning created by AI displayed on a gantt chart

Create custom marketing strategies in under 2 minutes

Deploy full-spectrum campaigns tailored to client's objectives from pre-launch buzz to post-event engagement with Evercopy AI Marketing Planner.
  • From pre-event hype to live engagement and to post-event follow-up, ensure sustained attention
  • Tailored for your clients' branding and objectives
  • Confidently set up campaign metrics with AI guidance
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Manage your clients' channels with your eyes closed

Evercopy's AI acts as your dedicated co-pilot, streamlining channel management and ensuring each strategy is executed to perfection—even as you tackle the bigger picture.
  • Connects with brand channels for auto scheduling
  • Optimizes and distributes contents across channels
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Boost customer loyalty through continuously better ROI

Show clients tangible success through smarter, data-driven marketing decisions that elevate their bottom line.
  • AI-driven optimization of campaigns, such as channels, audience, times and marketing content
  • Automated A/B testing to continously improve performance
See AI Marketing Optimizer
AI Multimedia Ads Generator

Mass-Produce Custom Marketing Assets to Match Client Goals

AI Gurilla Ads Generator

Deliver 3x higher conversions through ads that make others go "Aha!"

“Guerilla ad generation AI has significantly increased our creative output,  driving noticeably stronger ROI for our clients.”
Barıs Korkmaz
Founder Grower Agency

Want to include AI marketing tools to your service catalog?

Unlock a new revenue stream and enhance your service portfolio by offering Evercopy's AI marketing tools under your agency's brand. Positioning your agency as a forward-thinking leader in marketing innovation.