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For Lean Teams

Let your channels grow themselves with AI

Direct your focus where it's needed—let AI expand your marketing channels, delivering growth without the grind.

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No expertise needed
Don't let a lean team limit your visibility. Deploy AI as your expert marketing wing, ensuring your product shines in the spotlight.
Zero Time Marketing
Redirect your focus to where it's crucial—product innovation. Trust AI to fully manage your marketing, silently propelling your growth.
Achieve More with Less Budget
Stretch your funds further. Get the impact of a large campaign on a startup budget, fueling your ascent efficiently.
Key Features For Lean Teams

Instantly create a marketing plan for your next big update

Always be prepared to plan and launch marketing campaigns for your company updates. From product launches to event participation - create weeks of activities and contents in minutes.
  • Pre, during, and post event activities
  • Activate paid and organic channels
  • AI-driven campaign planning to achieve your objectives
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Create top quality marketing assets in seconds

  • Personalized for any brands just with their website
  • Text and image contents
  • Size and resolution optimization for all channels
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Grow your channels on self-driving mode

Connect your channels to leverage AI to manage and grow them on autopilot.
  • Schedules personalized contents on peak times
  • Engages with influencers and potential users to boost organic growth
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“As a founder with no marketing background, managing our social channels was a daily struggle, easily devouring 4-5 hours with less-than-stellar results. Since integrating Evercopy, it's almost as if marketing takes care of itself, allowing us to forget the hassle and focus on what we do best."

Zeynep Taskin
Co-founder Of ChexPlease

Free your mind from marketing tasks.

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