Your big updates deserve good marketing

Evercopy AI designs marketing strategies custom-fit to elevate your brand's key moments, maximizing exposure and engagement for optimal impact.
  • 1
    Choose an event or objective
    Provide event specifics for Evercopy AI to recommend the best channels, optimal budget allocation, the ideal customer personas, and more - tailored to meet your objectives.
  • 2
    Review campaigns
    View the AI-proposed campaign flow on a Gantt chart, with the flexibility to tailor pre, during, and post-event actions.
  • 3
    Review activities - paid and organic
    Assess the scheduled paid and organic tactics within your campaign calendar, with options to fine-tune or expand each activity.
  • 4
    Once finalized, Evercopy creates and optimizes personalized content across channels, poised for your green light.
Before, key updates often went unnoticed — a frustrating reality. Now, with Evercopy, I focus on creating those pivotal moments, confident they'll capture the attention they deserve.
Olga Karimova
Co-founder Of Digital Butlers
Key Features

AI tools to craft a marketing plan tailored to your brand objectives

AI Channel Recommendation
Identifies the most effective organic and paid channels for your campaign's success.
AI Budget Recommendation
Reveals how much exactly to spend on paid activities based on your target outreach.
AI Persona Finder
Pinpoints specific user personas for more targeted advertising, driving improved ROI.
AI Budget Allocation
Determines optimal channels and placements to maximize your budget's impact.
AI Campaign Creator
Crafts campaigns for each event phase to maximize engagement and conversion.
AI Peak Time Scheduler
Schedules activities at the optimal time for top engagement based on your audience.

Not just more efficient, but produces better results

<30 seconds

time it takes to create an extensive marketing plan with Evercopy


AI-generated personalized multimedia assets are created for an event on average


events and campaign categories supported on the platform

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Discover the power of Evercopy AI Marketing and Campaign Planner with a guided demo, and see firsthand how it can transform your marketing strategy into compelling, high-performance campaigns.
"The AI Marketing Planner is impressive. Yet, the real party starts when it begins to execute on its own."
Abdullah Kip
Co-founder Of Techsign